How to get ride of render errors in curves?

Hi Friends,

When I “Capturing images to File” I get all sorts of little errors in the curves. You can see an example below. One side is a clean line, and the other has dents in it. The resolution doesn’t seem to make a difference, this happens high or low and different errors occur at different resolutions. I love Rhino and I’m trying at all costs not to migrate this work to Illustrator! I also really like the Capture to file function, and would be great if it were to work without these errors. Any ideas on how to fix this? Any help would be really appreciated.

By the way, I brought this issue up a while ago, but perhaps I didn’t explain myself well enough back then:

Hi Christian -

I can’t reproduce that here in a quick test. We’d need your 3dm files and as much information as possible to make sure that we are testing the same thing. Also, please provide the outcome of the Rhino SystemInfo command.

Hi @CdeV I’m responding here after your pm, since I need more info. (@wim FYI I helped Christian with another issue so I have the file he was working on)

Opening that file, I can’t say for sure which part you are capturing. Best is if you can isolate that part in a new file, so that we can see the curves and other settings. Also pls. mention if you perform any scaling to the output.

@Gijs and @wim thank you for your response about this issue, I will to you both privately.