How to get points(type of point3d) by curve.contains method

Hi, everyone. I’m trying to get the points in curve by using “curve.contains” method.
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However, I’m getting stuck by the type of point containment. For the pictures here, all I can get is the point containment and the result of test, so I was wondering how to actually select the points(in type of point3d) in the curve.

Really appreciate!

Try to translate this to P

Thanks a lot! @PeterFotiadis It works great.

BTW: If you want more “nested” queries (like find all Pts that contained (or not) in all Curves … blah, blah) consider writing a proper Class with suitable Properties and then do LINQ/PLINQ classic stuff.

Really appreciate for the replying! I will definitely try to write a Class.

Hi Seren, welcome to the the forum. We recommend uploading a file as this makes troubleshooting tremendously easier. As far as I can tell, you’re overwriting the points in your grid variable with what is returned from the Curve.Contains method. Having line numbers in the screenshot helps, but here’s the offending bits highlighted:

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