How to get multiple index from list item

Hello, I’m having an issue with using list item and categorizing data.

I’m trying to interpolate all points that are listed as 0, all the points that are listed as 1, and so on so that they can create multiple closed curve that resembles the outer curve.

What expression should I used in order to automatically connect each of them?
I know how to do them separately, but it would be impossible for me to repeat them continuously.

Maybe use flip matrix component on the initial list of points and then interpolate?

Thank you so much. I appreciated your help.
The flip matrix component solved the problem.
Can you explain how flip matrix changed the data?

it makes the item index value as the branch number value.
everything with same item index value gets grouped into the same branch.

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Appreciate your help

Imagine you have a grid. Instead of grouping by rows you flipped it to group by columns. Easiest way to think about it.

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