How to get Eulerian angle (rotateX\Y\Z) from xform 4*4 Matrix?

Other software like houdini need translateX\Y\Z && rotateX\Y\Z && scaleX\Y\Z information to transform object.
How can I get this data from xform 4*4 Matrix?

Generally, there is no way to get this from a 4x4 matrix if translate, rotate and scaling is done with one matrix. Only if there a matrix with only translation, only scaling or only rotation, can you get the information about translation vector, rotation angle and scaling factors back.

Thank you Menno, the xform matrix in GH seems a little bit different than the equation that I found in the interenet:
It’s true that I can get Eulerian angle info only under rotation && translation, without scaling and shearing.

Hi @RetroPost.LT,

Perhaps these will help.


– Dale

Thank you Dale, it works!