How to generate layouts from Grasshopper

I’ve found a couple of posts which seem to describe something similar. This post Create Multiple Page Layouts - Grasshopper is probably the best match but that post is pretty oild and maybe there is a better solution now.

I’ve created a Grasshopper file that generates a cabinet with some shelves. Now I want to create different layouts and move certain parts of the cabinet to differrent layouts with some annotations. Is this possible from Grasshopper directly?

R6 GH introduced a pair of components, Data Output and Data Input, that make it possible to split a model into multiple pieces (GH files). They require some discipline when adding or removing parameters but can be mixed in many ways.

The black group on the far left has three Data Input components, The black group at top right has one Data Output component,

Thanks @Joseph_Oster, I’ll look into that.

Maybe I should create new post, but l’m wondering if there is a common approach to generate dimension information from Grasshopper that provides information for fabrication? My (most likely not so perfect) approach is to select a rectangle/box which represents some wood, then use deconstruct brep, select an specific edge and then attach those to a AlignedDimension node.

The pink group shows a bit what I’m using atm: (32.5 KB)

Is there a better solution maybe? or what approach do you use?