Generating dimensions for construction: best approach?

Earlier I posted this Generating dimensions for construction: how to add offset to dimension line? which was a general question how to generate dimensions with Grasshopper.

Now that I’ve created a Grasshopper file which generates the geometry for a cabinet I’m looking for a solution to display the dimensions of the differently sized (wooden) plates. My current approach is to use Hull and Orient to position the different planes onto the XY-plane, then move them to some location. Once I’ve positioned them I use Deconstruct Brep to select the edges for which I want to create the AlignedDimensions, like:

The image above shows the process to generate the AlignedDimensions for just two differently sized plates. When generating many differently sized plates I’m repeating the same thing which doesn’t feel like a good solution.


Is there another maybe more generic solution to generate these AlignedDimensions as I’m doing in this file: (21.5 KB)