How to freely and manually move a point on a non-orthogonal surface


(Ryan Bednar) #1

Hi, I’m just starting out on Grasshopper, and have been introduced to moving attractor points with the MD Slider to make Lines on a Square Grid (for example) shorter to longer depending on the distance from the moving attractor point.

I am now trying to do the same with a point on a sphere instead of a Square Grid, but I cannot find a way to manually move the point like you can on the MD Slider on a flat surface.

Even if there is a roundabout way of manually moving a point along a multi-dimensional curve (say a point on a circle of same radius as the sphere), that will suffice.

Thank you for any help!

(Ethan Gross) #2

Plug the sphere into Evaluate Surface and reparameterize it. Plug the MD slider into the uv input. You should be able to freely navigate.

(Ryan Bednar) #3

Thank you so much!