Move Attractor Point UNI PROJECT

hello guys,

i am quite new to grasshopper, so first of all: sorry about that!

so i wrote this script which is supposed to look like “snake skin” or “dragon skin” with its multiples scales in all different sizes. i managed to change the size of the scales with the graph mapper.

now i am trying to change the direction and angle of the scales. my goal is to great a parametric movement of the angle of each scale, saying that some scales are much more inclined that others.
how is that possible?

unfortunaetly i habe an other problem: my script is only working on planar surfaces. once i change the surface (with rebuild in rhino) everything is gone… how do i change that?

20201207_ nochmal (23.1 KB)

This will work with the curved surface and responding to attractors as well…

20201207_ nochmal (18.4 KB)

wow thats amazing! thanks so much for your help :slight_smile: