How to flow curve to meny curves

how to flow pipe on line to many curves

Here is a script that might help… (2.4 KB)

To run, copy the script somewhere on your computer, then type RunPythonScript and browse to the file and hit “Open”.

thanks… but curves not same length… i want do flow without stretching and cut as target curve length

There should be a ‘stretch’ option on the command line which you can set to no. If it doesn’t work, let me know, I’ll have a look.

Thank you for your interest… you known… i want script do same ’ rope’ tools in matrix… but i want do any thing twisted by big line and transfer this in many curves but without stretching and cut this as target curve length by start point in curve to last point and cut this no complete

Well, with the current script, what you can do is make your twisted rope object along a line that is longer than any of the curves that you are flowing to. Then run the script. The flowed parts will be longer than the curve - Rhino automatically extends them in more or less a straight line - so you will need to trim off the excess for each curve flowed to…

With some work, the script could probably be be made to automatically cut off the excess - I can look into that sometime later.

Exactly … Thank you for your interest again