How to fix flipped triangles in Rhino?

So i build something then i join the parts and then i tell rhino to create solid.
I check there is no open Polysafraces no naked edges no Non-manifold edges i have backface color red and there is no red so i guess all normals are ok and when i create a Mesh rhino finds it totally OK.
But when i create a stl file and try to print it on simplify3D simplify3D says there are flipped triangles and gives me a hard time to print it. I don’t understand what more can i do to make good meshes for printing ?

I don’t understand what more can i do to make good meshes for printing ?

The first step would be uploading your file.

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Ok i found where the problem is. It’s because i intersect 5 closed solid polysarfaces together.
But i have no clue how to fix that.
I try Boolean union…flipped triangles.
Boolean split? …flipped triangles
Make solid? flipped triangles
Not make solid? flipped triangles
Anything else i could try ?

without the file as Michael says, or captures or part f the file, the options could be thousands.

I’m not intrested in the file it’s not an excersise i have to do and finish i’m intrested on how not to make flipped triangles.
And well to begin with i just discovered that the create solid command creates flipped triangles on an otherwise perfectly printable model. You wouldn’t expect that would you ?

well use meshmixer to make it solid and print it. that’s all.

Ye sure i’ll give it a try. Thanks!

mehsmixer is free and have a tool under the edit mode to makel all meshes into a solid one with a clean and uniform mesh on top of it.

Ye but it looks like it’s not updated anymore. Are you sure it’s not outdated ?

it has that tool from the beginning. even before AutoDesk bought it.

Try the Unify Normals command after Welding.

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Should i weld also ? I was just exporting the NURBS to stl file directly.

I’m not sure. I usually convert to mesh in Rhino rather than let the converting happen with the exporter. I usually weld the mesh and unify normals at the least.

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Meshmaker’s “make solid” roughs up the edges a bit but at least gets rid of flipped triangles.
I like it in general gives alot of info.

I’ll try to weld next time i make something with flipped triangles to see how it goes.