How to find which input parameter has changed?

I felt this must be a very basic and old question but I couldn’t find anything in the forum,
Is there a way to find out which input parameter (or parameters ) triggers the update ?
I have a custom component which one of the input parameter (A) is responsible for a major computation (Method M)and other parameters are not involved in that, so Ideally I want to check if the parameter A has been changed so that I can decide to call the method M or not. is there a way knowing that Equality check does not work?

Have some “fun” with the attached (and modify it accordingly). (122.7 KB)

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Hi Peter.
As I understood you are listening to a slider with specific name (here starting with defined prefix) and then if the solution of that slider changes you fire your CallBack method and if that object is no longer active (or its null) you dispose the listener. (awesome work!)
can you explain why you are checking this.owner.Message.Equals(this.currentId.ToString() in your isValid() method?
in my case I have to listen to a GHBrep parameter , I believe I can look into the sources of the parameters and I don’t need to use your FindSlidersThatStartWithName() method.