How to find the curve's peak and trough point?


How to find the curve’s peak and trough point?
Who could help?

Normally the Quad object snap should find those.

Could give a example?

Could give me a example?
I couldn’t understand

are you trying do solve this with grasshopper? if so you should change or use some tags for your topic, otherwise rhino has Object Snaps, a very essential part of how Rhino works. there you can activate Quad and it will let you snap a point or anything else to a local quadrant.

what kind of hacked version of Rhino have you got? Not for Resale Lab ts ts ts :see_no_evil:

@encephalon @Helvetosaur
Could find those points using grasshopper?
Could you help?


It’s called a reseller license…

and who will help understanding my humour? :man_shrugging: sigh…

@1850292957 can you explain briefly what your further intent is? also add grasshopper as a tag in your topic i am sure you will find more help then.

what i found in a quick search on google:

I don’t know the intent is what , this question is my workmates asking