How to Filter Indices Indices from Member list?

How can we Filter the a Multi line list of indices from a multi line list of Members?


List item

Find Similar Member if are comparing lists that aren’t indices

With List Item ‘W’ (Wrap) true, this code doesn’t make sense to me? The index values (first list) quickly exceed the number of points in the second list.

I tried but wasn’t able to understand this request at all. Can you please explain the problem you are trying to solve @MJD, as you have created multiple threads that appear to be related to the same issue?

@ Japhy Thank you, that worked Perfectly!

Both of your text panels have corrupt data. The first panel has a blank line at the end, the second panel appears to terminate at the text panel size limit, leaving the last point without a closing “}” bracket.

Have you considered the PGroups component? (19.4 KB)

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@Joseph_Oster the goal is the filter out the indices in the MEMBER EQUAL INDICES panel using the MEMBERS in the MEMBERS EQUAL INDICES.