List Indices

Is there anyway I can have the indices of the members as shown in the snapshot?

Not sure if I 100% understand your question.

your text question “indices of Members” - i would interpret as the Member Index component.
your screenshot “all Members with index” - i would interpret different / reversed as List Item

if this does not solve your question - maybe formulate the question more precise something with input / output ?
input should be … ( a list and an index)
output should be … ( the specific value from the list)

maybe also post a file with internalized data … and the desired result …for example would like to get “T_A_S_BEM_TOP_312”…

hope this helps

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And maybe edit the main category of your Post to “Grasshopper” (not Rhino)

Thanks for responding!
Basically, I need all the members in first list with Index 0 > Probably I’ll get that with Grafting.
I want all items in second list with Index 1 and so on…!

Inside an Array (also named List or Set) the members indices always start with 0 for the first Element or Member and then increase by 1 for each additional element ?
It is not possible to have all elements have the same index.
Maybe I still not got your question ?

I think it might be easier if you try to explain what you are going to do with that data in the next step

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