Problem with one of Kangaroo2 component—— “PolygonArea”

Hi all, I’m a really new grasshopper user, These days I have learned how to use Kangaroo2 to solve a problem.

But I have some trouble with the component “PolygonArea”. The result isn‘t what I want to get.

Problem with (5.0 KB)
Problem with PolygonAea.3dm (27.3 KB)


I’m not clear what the intended result is here.
You want to change the curve so that its contained area is the same as that of its original bounding box?
If that is all you need, then you can simply scale it - no need for Kangaroo.

If there is some other constraint you want to enforce, that needs to be in the definition.

Thank you for your reply Daniel !!!Please forgive my late reply.
Emmmm, because of my English is not so good, my description of the problem is not very clear.:joy:
I have solved this problem by “PolygonArea” and "OnCurve“ components.
And I try my best to describe my questions here:The optimization of plots(Voronoi&Kangaroo) The problem mentioned in the post has been solved, but the other rules I have studied are not yet fully realized. Can you help me see if these rules can be simulated through Grasshopper & Kangaroo ?
Thank you very much !!!