How to extrude or create plane from vertex with different origins

I’m experimenting with furniture design using grasshopper and testing different approaches. Previously I’ve been experimenting by using a rectangle as my “base” shape but I think it might be interesting to use a line as base instead.

The above image shows a line (green) on which I created 3 vertices/points that I use as the start point to create 3 other lines in the XY plane which I then extrude in the X direction. This creates the rectangles (red).

The grasshoper sketch looks like this: (13.6 KB)

I’m looking for a solution that allows me to define the “center point” from where to extrude. I want to be able to make sure that the left rectangle extrudes as it currently shown, but the center rectangle should extrude in such a way that the vertex/point is in the center of the rectangle’s short edge. When you imagine that this would be a cabine, I hope it makes sense how I want to position the rectangles.The center rectangle should positioned exactly in the center of the line; Similarly I want the right rectangle to extrude to -x direction.

Would there be a generic way to do this? Or should I create 3 extrude nodes and change the direction and offset a bit?

Domain Box is super useful for making lumber when you realize how easy it is use 3D domains.

This could be one way… (14.6 KB)

grasshopper-experiment-with-lines_2021May23a (16.7 KB)

Thanks @Joseph_Oster !

I removed the filter to get a better understanding: (14.9 KB)