How to extract the mesh of a SubD?


how to extract the mesh of a SubD?



ya, I’ve the same question.


Hi @inju,

does’t work, I need the mesh, not curves.



There are two kinds of meshes.

  1. Just use the Mesh command and select the subD
  2. Get the underlaying mesh control polygon by running ExtractControlPolygon and select the subD

Hi Michael,

ExtractControlPolygon is what I need.



Hi guys, could this be renamed to ExtractSubdMesh ? I knew there was a command, but I could not find it and when that happens I type SubD and look in the fabulous fuzzy autocomplete list that pops up. So I think it would be great if it had a name related to what it does :slight_smile:

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ExtractControlPolygon can be used on curves and surfaces too so it’s not SubD specific. The icon for it is also in the SubD sidebar.