How to extract items with specified values from tree data?

Please tell me how to extract items that are less than the specified value in the tree data.

筛选模型.part1.rar (10 MB)
筛选模型.part2.rar (10 MB)
筛选模型.part3.rar (3.5 MB)

Hi 2987969100,

Flatten your Smaller Than output and put into a Cull Pattern.

Can you get the sequence number of the item in each branch path in the tree data that is less than the specified value?

What I want is the serial number in each branch of the tree data that is smaller than the specified value. Through these serial numbers, the surface with the corresponding serial number in the surface data captured above can be extracted. Is there any way to achieve this?

The tree statistics has that information if i undertand the question correctly.

Use the Tree Branch component to get the Surfaces you’ve isolated.

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