How to extract circle radius' from Kangaroo image circles capsule?

I’ve been mucking around with Kangaroo ImgCircles function to circle pack a coloured mesh. I can get kangaroo to take a random cloud of points and rearrange them to calculate where the new circles will be, but when I want to display the circles with their correct radius is where I’m having difficulty.

I can set a min and max radius for ImgCricles, but I don’t know the logic of how that’s mapped to the points as the capsule doesn’t give me outputs for the new radius’s.

hi @ayodele1991,

To ‘extract’ the radii of those circles you can use the darc (deconstruct arc) component and to ‘display’ them then text tag at each base plane.

{edit} you didn’t attach your grasshopper file

The output for the ImgCircles goal is the radius per point, so if that’s the only goal in your simulation you can just connect the O output of the solver to the R of the circle.
(If you have more goals, you’d need to keep them on separate branches, and extract the appropriate one from the output)


This sorted it out.

Is there a reason why ‘bouncy solver’ doesn’t give me the radius’ as an output?

Sorry, forgot to attach the script to the post. @DanielPiker 's gave me the solution I needed. Although I used the darc component on another part of the script which was helpful!