How to extend arcing surface yet straight for remainder?

I have had need to move the side wall outwards, now I need to arc the wall of the circular surface AB as well as extend straight DA and BC.

how is this done ?

I am unable to explode the surface with vertical walls and filleted base.

extend arcing surface and fillet yet straight for remainder.3dm (422.9 KB)



Hello- I would DivideAlongCreases > SplitAttangtents=Yes the circular object and then get at the individual surfaces in the result from there.




I do that and extendSrf 0.5, trim the result, repeat for arcing wall, do some more work on vertical wall, to marry to them, join all, everything looked ok, and I now have naked edges around fillet arc.

Command DivideAlongCreases explode then if I again join, is all ok, so extendSrf of the fillet edge has caused issues.

extend arcing surface and fillet yet straight for remainder fail.3dm (1.1 MB)