How to explode and move object radially from center

Hello, I’d like to explode these “petals” to an exploded axonometry, but I don’t know how to explode them so they’re equally spread/distributed radially from the center. Any tips? Thank you in advance.

From an image is difficult to understand… Is it a mesh or a nurbs?
Can you attach a file with the geometries you want to explode?

reading again your post… If I understood, when you move a petal, the others are moving radially?
If this is what you see, disable construction history (or disable update children).

Hi, I would just use move command and lock the move direction (TAB-key) in a way that it would align with the direction of the petal.

BlockquoteIf I understood, when you move a petal, the others are moving radially?

Yep, I want to move each petal so that they’re distributed equally from each other but in radial explode. Also, I’m a beginner in rhino, and I don’t think I understand fully what you mean by disabling construction history or update children. Do you mind explaining them? Thank you so much

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Hi Vania -

You can use the ScalePositions command for this.

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They work wonderfully!! Thank you so much :smile:

I see that Wim has answered with the solution.
The construction history is an option that is similar to “parametric” design… Rhino remember your workflow and update all the objects linked toghether (if you change the “parent” object the “childrens” follow the same changes… )
For example, if you made the first petal with contruction history enabled and you make a polar array, all the petals arrayed are children of the first one.
If you change the shape or position of the first petal, all the others will change following the construction history (all the commands that were applied are updated).
It’s a powerful tool but it’s dangerous if you don’t see that is enabled (objects in the model could change their position/shape without advice to the user…).

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