Centrifugal force or move all objects away from center point script?

Is there a simple script for creating on demand exploded axons? If I could pick the center point for a bounding box around a group of objects and have them all move away from that point some cool things could happen
sort of like this:


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Does this help?


nope. This might be the second step of the process I am imagining.

How about this one…

CompressExpandSpace.rvb (2.3 KB)


Edit - Of course, this will not expand the space along parallel axes like the illustration - that would be very difficult to do as somehow Rhino would have to figure out which objects need to move along which axis, not a trivial thing, and probably never exactly what you want. What I could imagine is a mod of the script that would operate only on one axis, you select one group of objects to expand along X, another along Y and a third along Z…


yes please!

Here is a prototype of the mono axis script… I have some ideas for something better along this line, but that’s all I have the time for now…


CompressExpandSpaceMonoAxis.py (2.2 KB)

(plus the original multi-axis translated into Python as well)

CompressExpandSpace.py (1.7 KB)

This is interesting!

the image below was made with the first rvb… what do I do with the .py ?

Create an alias or a button:

! _RunPythonScript ( <paste script in here> )

See here