How to effectively use the Cancel button on an ETO form

I’m taking a look at creating my own custom forms with ETO and I have a question about cancelling the script using a “Cancel” button.

If my form only has radio buttons, how can I make a Cancel button actually cancel the script?


It’s simple when there is a text field, and it’s probably simple for this example too, but it’s got be puzzled.

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Thought I had it. Not quite.

As your form has to be shown inside of a function inside of python you can subscribe to the Click event handler of your Cancel button and return.

I can provide a sample if you are unsure how to do that

Hi Lando,

I would appreciate a sample if you don’t mind.



Hi @DanBayn,

See the attached sample with only two buttons, OK and Cancel

The first one just prints “OK” to the command line, while the other one closes the Eto form (1.8 KB)

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This was very helpful.