How to draw triangles

And this is what I called them - “noob questions” not giving them title, a question, that a 10 years old would ask.

How do you build a triangle when you have three distances and two of them are the same???

This is a third grade “F” on math.

Go to you corner!!!


:rofl: story of my life

You should never fail to see the complexity of a simple question. People venture into complex math and 3D from all different directions and it’s passion that propels them forward. So investigate what skill they have and what they need and you will both grow. That’s why you have gotten so much help here, so now grow further and help others. There are lots of users here that will benefit from your knowledge, but none that benefits from sarcasm, that just adds noice to the knowledgebank.


I have never said the task itself is simple.
We’re talking about the wording here!

Wow ! Very well said.

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I have been mocked a lot as well here! (update: I still have quite a number of threads with 0 replies)
I was also refused the help I need in means of examples that only McNeel could give. Instead I was refused, threads were locked by a certain employee of McNeel. Just because they recommend a certain thing doesn’t mean they should not share alternatives!

Do you question my contribution to this community?!

That is untrue! If you cannot benefit from sarcasm, you’re not worthy of the knowledge.

Hello @ivelin.peychev

Taking this offline… happy to come back here with corrections or clarifications if appropriate…

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One possibility is that the plugin defaults to outputting individual faces of the polyhedron in a group, rather than outputting the whole polyhedron as a solid.

Check that you have the “solid” option checked in the popup window for rhinopolyhedra.

If you output a solid, click on it, and type the unroll command, it will unroll.


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Thank you for all your help. I have version 6 of Rhino. There is no option to ask for solids in the polyhedron box that opens up in Rhino 6. I did see that option in a video from version 5. I am able to unroll a Waterman polyhedron by selecting “Solid” then it will Unroll.

I don’t know why I don’t have that option in version 6.

This is the file I downloaded to get the plugin…maybe it is the wrong download.



_testpackagemanager command


Now make it from real wood like this…on a table saw and miter saw…

Type UnrollSrf (Rhino 6)

Get this:

Do this:

You’re pushing it…!

Give me the tools and the wood and I’ll make it.
I’m not a carpenter and I’m sure I can make it.

I did exactly what you said. Then closed and open Rhino. Typed in command polyhedron.

This is what opens up:

@rocket2004 @Max3

correct. Max is showing Polyhedron for Rhino 5

Also: Check out the video on Polyhedron page. re: unjoin edges

I have it open in 6. Maybe there was an update I haven’t installed.

Anyway, it says “Yes” in the solid column. Pick a polyhedron, create it, select it, and type “what”. A box should pop up that says it’s a closed polysurface.

If you can’t unroll it, either it’s locked or it’s a group of planar surfaces. Unlock, ungroup, join, and it should become a solid that can be unrolled.

Which unroll command are you using?

there’s a way to do that without numbers… probably faster too…

challenge! :smile: