How to download PanelingTools for Mac Rhino 8

I couldn’t find Panelling tools using the package manager. Is there any way to install it on Mac Rhino 8?
Thanks in advance!

Hi Richard - they should be there - (one ‘l’…)


Sorry for the typo, but I still couldn’t find that…

Hi Richard - actually, it should be installed by default on mac - I don’t have my mac here but I am told that is the case…


I couldn’t find it no matter what I tried. It’s quite disappointing.

It’s not in the PackageManager.

It’s part of core Rhino now.
Type “pt” and the PanelingTool command names will autocomplete.
In Rhino 8 > Settings > Plug-ins, you’ll find the native plug-in loaded.

Start Grasshopper, and you’ll see a Paneling Tools menu tab.

Never mind - I found it is Grasshopper

In Rhino 7 on MAC, I had Paneling Tools Menus. Now I can’t find where to find them.
I did install it through Package Manager in V8 when I couldn’t find my toolbars. I can’t find it in Toolbars or Panels under Window. I’m hoping I can still use the toolbars.