Rhino4 + GH

Using RH4, still possible to use GH ?


Sorry, no.
Very early Grasshopper started in V4. Development was mostly completed in V5, and was released as part of Rhino V6.

Ok thank You John,

any idea who / how to buy preowned license R7 or 8 ? (looking for a budget solution…)

I have Rhino4 edu


This no longer works @John_Brock ?

Download still works

“This release requires at least Rhino 4 SR8.”

Cool. I thought that download was long gone.

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Yes René thanks the download works for GH / R4 but my R4 does not open GH


Do you know what service release you have?

SR 9 I have

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Interesting - it should work because you’re past SR8.

Maybe run _PluginManager command - search for Grasshopper and make sure the box is checked?

If it is loaded and it still doesn’t work - are you able to re-install Rhino or Grasshopper?

GH is visible in Help → Plug-ins → Grashopper

but following is what I get


Cool - not sure what to tell you - did you check the _Pluginmanager? And are you able to reinstall Rhino? Maybe uninstall grasshopper and re-download (if you haven’t tried it yet).

aa ok, trying to upload, but no success

buy rhino 8

@Jesse_Pietila There is promotion for upgrade to v8 from any older version to end of Ferbruary.