How to create hexagonal None-planar Mesh with a single face in C#

Hello everyone, I just realized there is no way to create a mesh face with more than 4 vertices in c#. Therefore in order to create a hexagonal face I had to split it into 2 quad face(Like the photo). is there anyway to merge this to faces into one face afterward? or is there any way to create a hexagonal face at the beginning?


Check out this example: Create NGon Mesh Rhinocommon c# - #2 by piac

Here is a quick example. I pass the curves from the hexagons and make meshes from each. Here it is without creating Ngons:

Here it is with Ngons:

Here is the script:

var m = new Mesh();

foreach(var c in crvs)
    m.Append(Mesh.CreateFromPlanarBoundary(c, MeshingParameters.Default, 0.01));


Quick definition: (4.9 KB)

Thank you very much Luis. I had tried this method before this. I should have explained more the issue. my hexagonal faces are not planar. Therefore Mesh.CreateFromPlanarBoundary does not work here.