How to create a non-retangular terrain mesh

I’m trying to model a terrain that doesn’t have a retangular shape and Grasshopper is creating undesired mesh conections in the corners. I’m using a larger outer rectangle as the curve to where the mesh will be generated from within as it doesn’t work with the red curve.

basically what I want is for the mesh to fill exactly this red shape

Here’s the GH file I’m using to do it: (14.2 KB)

(I’m new to the forum so sorry if the problem needs further clarification)

Your curves are not internalized.

Which curve should I internalize? I tried each one separately and then both but it didn’t worked

here’s the file if you need to look at it

The orange params indicate missing geometry, including the Pt (Points).

Your 34 MByte file is R7 and so cannot be opened in R6, sorry.

My bad, now I see what you mean. Here’s the file with internalized data: (128.5 KB)

I used the perimeter curve from the R6 .3dm file and culled faces where the Average point of the face vertices was outside of that curve. Both the curve and points are projected to World XY before testing with InCurve. That algorithm could easily be modified so that if any of the face vertices are outside the perimeter curve, the face will be culled. (137.3 KB)

Thank you very much!