How to correspond curves to their area in grasshopper

Hey really struggling figuring out how i can match the input curves to the sorted branches of areas I created. I need to move the list of curves different amounts in the z direction based on a range of areas in the z direction (smaller circles move up in z less than big circles basically)
Any help is much appreciated. (60.3 KB)
apertures_linework.3dm (5.9 MB)

better image

not entirely sure about your calculation logic, but here’e a simpler version that satisfies this condition

aperture[simplified].gh (25.1 KB)

although, on second thought, you can also bypass the sort and just pass the closedcrv directly to geometry and area directly to the multiply that gets passed to the motion

ok ok amazing thank you so much, do you know how i might now go about lofting these with the second set of moved curves in the definition which are the base of the loft? I guess I would have to sort them with distance to make sure the correct pairing of curves happens?

in principle yes. but you’ll have a problem since the two sets of curves have different numbers of elements
if you manage to clean them so that they are both the same number and properly arranged, then it should be very easy

how would i go about doing that exactly, sorry im pretty confused on how i would loft, i sorted the other set with the same patch in hopes that i would get corresponding lists for the bases and then grafted and lofted but it wasnt working out-- seemed that it couldnt pair the right ones

if i have the curves with the same length of lists

in principle it should work like this

your problem is that some of the larger curves have more than one curve and some of the smaller curves are not in a larger curve

ah ok i cleaned up the rhino however some of the larger curves will have multiple smaller ones, is there any way to loft or would this make the definition to complex? How would i go from the grasshopper moved curves to lofting it?

apertures_linework20240331_191718.3dm (2.2 MB)
new rhino file

would a patch work?

here’s a toy example

sort curves and (12.2 KB)

adding the move by area part
aperture[simplified with sort].gh (11.7 KB)

Hi @Lucien_Mount,

Here an example using meshes. If you want more smooth surfaces you could also try to work with minimal surfaces. Surface between Edges (Minimal Surface)
Lofting however will be quite difficult. (86.3 KB)