How to close the remaining surface on polys

i have remake the more simple geometry, and make the absolute tolerance 0.0001 from 0.001

i cant boolean union solid the polys because these 3 parts not closed, I have checked but still dont understand why,

the file is,

what is the problem

Use the join command. That will give you a closed poly

Also use ShowEdges to check for naked edges.

thanks for the reply :slight_smile: bro… my fault dont realize that…
now i got something problem with center part space to trim…
i use cutting plane then join… got naked edge (point)
how to solve it … :slight_smile: big thanks guys :slight_smile:

remain 1 naked edge and 1 nonmanifold

the red surface is the problem

with the naked edge point can be solve with absolute tolerance change from 0.0001 set to 0.001 ?
can be effected other fix done poly ? other word can be print ?

what should I do ? any alternative way solution thanks,
sorry my english not good hehehe :slight_smile:

For the naked point try my newest favorite command - testremoveallnakedmicroloops
It’s solved a lot of problems for me this week!

Hi Cliffonde - the opening is not planar there - quite, you should fix that. Also, I am not sure what you want to do with the point that is poking just in the middle of that area - what will be hard to close off if it just touches the plane when you get it cleaned up.


TestRemoveAllNakedMicroLoops doesn’t fix this, it isn’t a micro loop as I understand it.

@pascal, the surface was wirecut with a curve, not a line, it comes close to planar, but I don’t see why it needs “fixing”. You would go crazy trying to make all the splits planar and lose the smoothly curved outline of the chainmail.

Okay, @imu2009, this might not count as “clean” modeling, but here is a real-world quick fix for stuff like this that is too small to really count but prevents you from getting a watertight object so you can move forward. Make a small sphere centered on the naked edge point and booleanUnion it in. This will fill in the backside where the surfaces intersect a little, but not enough to show for most purposes (I’m guessing you are making jewelry and will be printing this object). Now Untrim the front part of the sphere out of the flatish surface, and it will look perfect from the side that shows.

yes Mr.Pascal :slight_smile: i have been making small and mass polysurf for ring side body, and trim union polysurfs , then i realize there a small sharp out of trimmed area,
i already done with making plane cutting the sharp part so remain inside the trimmed surfaceto be solid… like as Mr.Mark suggested with the ball as cutting ( but i am use plane as cutting) i think there both same can be done right? :slight_smile: … now i am making to make a chinese word polysurface being cut on the polysurfaces ( ring body ) but i got problem, is it cant be boolean with, if the polys is in closed loop ( like “O” word example) there is a closed circled there cant be boolean … please tell me any trick solution for the condition later i upload the file if needed… ( mandarin word is 鍾志豪)

big thanks from me small buddy fresh student :slight_smile: