How to close DisplayPipeline?


i have some e.Display.DrawDot on the rhino viewport, how can i close DisplayPipeline? any sample code?

thank you

inside Rhino.Display.DisplayConduit ?

just call Rhino.Display.DisplayConduit.Enabled = false;

thanks, i know DisplayConduit.Enabled = False

but the e.Display.DrawDot has been generated, the code cannot close the displayed e.Display.DrawDot. Is there any way to clear the existing e.Display.DrawDot?

if (myDot != null)

set myDot to null and redraw views to not show it on screen.

thank you for your help, I can not select the DrawDot objects to delete. only reopen rhino. can you understand me?

You need access to code which generated them in display conduit and modify that code.

If it has been generated, is there any way?

Only by modification of your code. Each frame which is rendered have information to show your dots. Conduit tries to show it per each frame (each refresh of view - there is a lot of them when you interact with view). If there is no instruction in code to stop it will not stop.

thank you

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