How to close a volume?

I want to close this cross vault in order to have a volume

cross (25.2 KB)

You want to close it all the way down to the groundplane? Or just the bottom of the arcs? close it with vertical surfaces?

I want to close it to the groundplane with vertical surfaces ( like in the simple vault below)

cross (24.0 KB)

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thank you, but i didn’t mention it. The volume is until the groundplane :slight_smile:

Look at your screenshot, You are missing information into the flip curve (yellow means warning)

yes that’s the point I couldn’t make the cross vault in the same way of a simple one… @Michael_Pryor

cross (24.2 KB)

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I got a twisted shape I have a problem in the curve orientation @Michael_Pryor

cross (27.7 KB)


Use @HS_Kim solution, it is simpler for you. I do suggest you give this a read though, so you can understand some stuff.

That is basically what the other version is doing (except weave+loft instead of ruled) but there is is nothing in the flip curve in @immen.soussi screenshot

I’m not a professional in Rhino and gh and I’m trying to learn it for my thesis…
I did set multiple geometries and the 2 volumes are not like when it’s just 1 geometry

when it’s only one geometry, there is a detail that I notice in the final volume ( in the corner, the volume is not vertical and it doesn’t go until the 4 vertices)

Then… here we have another solution for you…

cross (34.1 KB)

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Check this as well…

cross (53.2 KB)


thank you everyone, but the problem is not resolved until now :slight_smile:

Why not?
@HS_Kim has provided you a lot of possible solutions.


Why use Grasshopper? If you create 4 vertical planes from the sides of the rectangle that will be the base, make the planes taller than the cross vault, and then use trim or split to knock off what you don’t want. Add the base and join or union the parts and you should have a closed polysurface.