How to classify my datas

Hi everyone!
I want to ask could you plz tell how’s that possible to sort every single index of a data list with 4 indeces of another data list? I’ll attach a pic so u cand understand better my question! (7.7 KB)

Hi @Soroush ,

Are you trying to pair B branches with A so that for each A point you have 4 points from B?

If so, connect a Tree Statistics component to your A tree, take the Count output of that component (should be 36) and plug that into the Size input of a Partition List input.

Your B data tree will go into the primary input of the Partition list component.

The output result of this component should be your B data tree with 36 total branches with 4 points per branch since 144/36=4.

Let me know if you get stuck,


Hey @michaelvollrath
Thank you so much.
yea it worked so well… I appreciate your help

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Great! Thanks for letting me know!

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