How to change the linear graduation created from an attractor point?

Hi guys, so I’m currently working on a polka pattern that uses an attractor point to create varying sizes of circles based on their distance from it. While I’ve managed to control the area that is affected by the attractor point, I’m at a lost on how to control the graduation of sizes (e.g. changing from a linear graduation to a bezier or gaussian graduation, something similar to how the pattern is extruded based on the Graph Mapper, see attached file).

Also, if there’s something that you think can be improved in my process, I’d love to hear it. I just started learning GH one week ago and would love to get better at it.

Thanks so much!!!

Selective graduating (16.3 KB)

what you probably mean is this common solution:

Selective graduating (21.7 KB)

Hey Ferry, thanks so much for your help! I previously didn’t really understand the remap function but your proposal gave me a clearer idea on how it works. And I managed to adapt it to what I actually wanted to do (it was actually the pattern that I wanted to vary) :)))