How to Best Fillet this Polysurface


I am trying to reverse engineer this car part for 3d printing. I have gotten the surfaces as accurate as I can get them without any of the actual fillets. When I try to fillet the front corners the fillet does not carry through properly at the radius I need, it is too large. This is the first time I’ve tried surfacing a part and have gotten this far, I need some help to drive it home. Any input would be helpful!

Hi @Keanu_Fabiana,

It’s best that post your 3dm file so our forum experts can have a look-see.

– Dale

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porsche-992-overhead.3dm (775.4 KB)
Here you go!

you will be doing this manually- see below-

explode your surfaces then trim , blend curve, 2 rail sweep, matchsrf etc, until you get what you want.

then join it all back up and check for naked edges with showedges.

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THE Kyle Houchens! Thank-you very much for the reply and solution. Btw, your videos have been incredibly helpful getting me started with rhino. Thanks again.

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Beginner question. Can you please show me how you went about trimming?

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Nevermind, I figured it out! Thank you sir.

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if you have not watched @sgreenawalt series “primary surfacing”

it’s the best video series I’ve seen for this type of stuff, and I always recommend it for folks looking to go from good to great at 3d modeling-


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