How to attach random geometries to the panel grid? (26.3 KB)
Test1.3dm (23.8 KB)
Dear All,

I’m new to Grasshopper and trying to analyze a large set of geometries through Grasshopper. I want to use Panel Grid and rearrange random geometries (2D polygons) to the grid by size (either descending or ascending).

, a simple example of what I’m doing, I’m trying to arrange these 9 geometries to the 9 vertices on the grid and sort them by size. I tried different ways and looked through videos online but the tutorials are not applied to random geometries. I’m stuck here, . Am I going to the wrong way completely?

Thank you in advance if you could offer any advice,

Not cool you didn’t post your files. Here a solution with random size circle

Dear Laurent, thank you for the reply. I apologize that I didn’t upload the files. I’m looking through your solution, but if the geometry preexists and irregular, what would be the good way to extract the centroid of the geometry and attach to each vertice on the grid column by column by size.
Thank you again.

The same as I did, use Area component. Plug your geometry on Geometry and it must work. The only problem you will have to deal is that the length of the list will not be the same. So you could use component to equalize the length of geometry list and point list from the square Shortest List

Finally you post the file. You could insert geometry in Grasshopper file, just right click on the component and click Internalise See there

“Et voilà” the script is here, not a lot changes !!

sort (10.9 KB)


Thank you so much for the knowledge, Laurent. I’ll experiment with it in a larger geometry set. Lu

I answered above

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