How to randomly arrange façade fragments into cells?

help me please. How to randomly arrange façade fragments into cells? The size of the larger front is 6600 mm by 2000 mm. The size of one cage is 3300mm by 2000mm.

facade.3dm (248.8 KB) (28.6 KB)

Hi @sambrari95,

I’ve written a small Python script that deals with the random clusters. It subdivides each column of cells of your initial grid into cluster sizes of 1 or 2 cells. This is easier and quicker, than fiddling with looping plugins (i.e. Anemone, Hoopsnake, etc.) for Grasshopper.
You can control the overall pattern with the random seed (input R). Input D can be set to True, if you want to prevent consecutive repetitions of the same cluster size in each grid column. This doesn’t apply to the last cell in each column though, since it often needs to be filled with a specific cluster size, and when the preceding size was the same, well they then are both the same.

Here you can see strict vs. totally random:
2020-08-22 13-25-00.2020-08-22 13_27_52

Hope this helps! Enjoy. (18.8 KB)


@diff-arch’s solution is faster and nicer.
Just as an addition, using mostly his logic, you could also use box morph: (44.9 KB)


this is what I needed, thanks