How to arrange the nearest rooms in each room in order?

I’d like to sort each room and make sorted list.
If ‘start room’ is specified as ‘room_1’, I would like to sort the room list of the selected ‘allRoom’ into ‘room_1, room_2, room_3, room_4’ in the order they are connected.
Please also comment on the code I wrote.

nearestPoint_question.3dm (120.8 KB) (9.0 KB)


Find attached two methods, one with bruteforce list sorting, the second one much more compact and efficient with System.Linq.

You may also want to have a look at the ClosestPoint method from RhinoCommon ?

//bruteforce method
    List<int> sortedindices = new List<int>();
    List<double> sorteddist = new List<double>();
    List<Point3d> sortedcloudPoints = new List<Point3d>();

    for (int k = 0; k < cCount; k++)
      double mindist = dist[0];
      int thej = 0;
      for (int j = 1; j < dist.Count; j++)
        if (dist[j] < mindist)
          thej = j;
          mindist = dist[j];




    //linq method
    var sorted = dist.Zip(indices.Zip(cloudPoints, (ind, p) => new { Index = ind, Point = p }), (d, x) => new { Dist = d, x.Index, x.Point })
      .OrderBy(x => x.Dist);
    dist = sorted.Select(x => x.Dist).ToList();
    indices = sorted.Select(x => x.Index).ToList();
    cloudPoints = sorted.Select(x => x.Point).ToList();    

    //ClosestPt method
    PointCloud pc = new PointCloud(cloudPoints);
    int the_index = pc.ClosestPoint(basePoint); (11.3 KB)

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I always feel that there are amazing masters in the world.
You solved my difficulties perfectly.
Thank you so much.