Closest mesh to a specific point

i have a series of points sorted in the correct order. i have the same amount of meshes, but these are not sorted. every point is very close to one of the meshes. i want to use the points to sort the meshes with a “sort list” component and therefore needed something like a “point closest mesh” or a “point closest object” component. any ideas for a workaround? or maybe something like calavritinos´ “Point Closest Curve”, which i found on food for rhino.
i attached a sample of my problem: (234.1 KB)

Have you tried Mesh Closest Point?

the “mesh closest point” pulls the given points to the meshes. i can´t see how this helps here.

You’re right. In your case, this should do it: (236.5 KB)

You cull meshes based on the distance of that pull to find the closest.

all the meshes should be selected and put into the right order. the “list item” components just illustrated that there is a difference betwenn the points and the meshes.
i am not sure, i understand you correctly how to use cull (you mean cull index?) to do this.

all the meshes should be selected and put into the right order.

@Amir_Touhidi definition does exactly that, the lower list item of his is the sorted and correct results. The other two list items are just proving they are correct by letting you isolate each pair of mesh to point.

Here is another solution. (234.4 KB)

got it. thanks a lot to both of you!