How to add material reflection property into gh script

Hi, I am working on with light analysis using surface raytracing from ladybug to represent the light reflection direction in my building. I wonder is there a way to add “material property” (showing how well/bad a specific material can reflex light) into my grasshopper script as well?
So, I can get more accurate result.

The wall material is ceramic, and inside the room also fill with water as show in the attach file.
raytracing (29.5 KB)

Elle ceramic and water light reflection.3dm (16.5 MB)

I think that to add some material properties you should use Honeybee instead of Ladybug.
Have a look at the official website:
Ladybug Tools | Honeybee
Check also this:
Hydra - Sharing made easy!

Thank you! I am looking on Hydra webpage right now. It is very useful!

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