How to add a specific font to an object?

I am working on making a military style dog tag in my Rhino. I want to add a font to the front of the dog tag. I want the font to be engraved onto the front. The font is the same style as the font from the movie Fight Club from the title. Is it possible to use a specific font like that? I want to have a few hundred of them made to add to my jewelry line. I hope someone can help me with this!
DogTagVeganClub.3dm (6.5 MB)

Hi Leslie - the font would need to be installed on the system for Rhino to know about it.


is there a way to install it into the system? Or, can i outline it, resize it to make it smaller, and then drag it onto the dog tag?

Hi Leslie - search for how to install fonts on Mac - then you’ll need to know what font to get, if it even exists, and get hold ot it, or something similar enough…
Probably far easier to carefully trace the image you already have.

I’d use Line > 4Point to carefully set up one angled line then Offset > ThroughPoint to make all the parallel ones, Then make the horizontal lines then Arc > Tangent etc to make the rounded corners,
DogTagVeganClubMaybe.3dm (206.5 KB)


hi again,
I’ve installed the font onto my computer. did you mean that i have to install it also onto Rhino? thanks!

thank you i will try that. Ive installed the font onto my Mac. How do i get it onto rhino?

Open a tool in Rhino that uses fonts and select it from the list.