How to add a Panel Help in a Plugin in Rhino 7

When some Rhino commands are executed, then a panel like this image appears

I would like to add a panel like this in my plugin.

How can I do it?


Your command should override the protected property CommandContextHelpUrl. This is usually a location of a local CHM file, but you can also provide an online URL with help for your command.

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Thank you very much for your attention.

I’m going to implement your suggestion.

Thanks to the answer of a member of this forum I managed to display a website in Panel Help.

Now I’m trying to automatically open the Panel Help with a website.

To implement this I have added the following code:

var panelId = Rhino.UI.PanelIds.ContextHelp;

With these lines, the Context Panel Help opens, but the website is not displayed.
However, when Panel Help is opened and I run the plugin, the website is displayed.

Probably I need to update the Panel Help after opening but I do not know which command I can use.


I think this is the way it is supposed to work, the Help panel shows the help for the command that is being executed - try it with normal Rhino commands.

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Thanks for your help. What do you mean when you say “try it with normal Rhino commands”?

I am thinking to create a special panel to show my help.


What I’m trying to say is that if you have the help panel open, and try a few rhino commands, you’ll see the help panel updating itself each time a new command is started. It seemed that you were expecting it to open directly on your help page when you programmatically open the help panel, at least that is what I understood from your post. You’ll also have to start a command for your plug-in to show its help though.

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