How reach Grasshopper list values in Rhino Plugin

Hi everyone,

I was trying to use some grasshopper-based analysis results in my native Rhino Plugin. Let’s assume I want to use this data as some Head-Up Display using with DisplayConduits.

When I try to reach values using with this code; (It was just for test)

  string componentName = "";
  RhinoGet.GetString("Which component do you want to search?", false, ref componentName);
  ComponentFunctionInfo component = Components.FindComponent(componentName);
  string result = component.OutputDescriptions[0];
  Console.WriteLine(result );

When I debug this code lines in Rhino typing componentName,
Although component exist in Grasshopper with its name, Components.FindComponent function returns null.

What am I missing?

Thanks in advence,


I solved returning null problem, I’ve just noticed that it was a typing error.

My question now, how possibly I can reach output values of component on runtime? Where is gh data stored in Rhino?


private void RunScript(Guid id, ref object A)
  var component = Component.OnPingDocument().FindComponent(id);
  A = component.Params.Output[0].VolatileData.AllData(false);
} (8.6 KB)

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Hi @Mahdiyar,

I got your point, it can be useful for me, briefly I guess I need to use Grasshopper library in my native Rhino plugin as reference, right? Because Component object coming from Grasshopper.Kernel namespace, thats why I couldn’t reach this objects in VisualStudio.

Thanks for your explanatory answer!

Hi @Mahdiyar,

I tried your way in VisualStudio but there is a problem that I have been encounteering. In Grasshopper, C# Script Component has some default definitions intrinsically like Component in region of Member.

#region Members
   private readonly RhinoDoc RhinoDocument;
   private readonly GH_Document GrasshopperDocument;
   private readonly IGH_Component Component;

In your way you are using this intrinsic definitions to call ...OnPingDocument().FindComponent(id); this part, but in my native Rhino plugin I cannot use Component object, because it cannot initialized. Do you have any suggestion?