How quickly do countless small surfaces trim on curves?

Is it possible for someone to create a Python script for me that will allow me to trim countless small or large planar surfaces or perhaps solids (trimmed or untrimmed, it doesn’t matter) within two closed or open curves or along a curve? In my current specific case, I’m talking about around 1,000,000 surfaces, which would take a very long time. *P.S.: Or is it possible a function for trimming solids along a closed or open surface? I have the student version of Rhino 7 and would really appreciate some help. Kind regards.

I guess the manual approach would be to Split the objects with the curves and then use SelBrush (or maybe SelBoundary) to select and then delete the objects inside or outside…

I have an automatic trim script that works as you describe with closed boundary curves, but it currently only works to trim curves, not surfaces.

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Thank you very much. I didn’t know about the functions. It works well. Unfortunately, it always takes a while for the function to be executed. But that’s no surprise considering the amount of data to be processed. I think I’ve already downloaded the script. It should be “”. It only works with closed curves, not with open curves. But it’s very helpful. Thank you very much.

*P.S.: Rhino often crashes or stops responding. I wait half an hour or an hour, then I stop. But it helps to repeat a function in small sections.

I guess the other question to ask here is why you have a million surfaces to trim…

I can understand that. I’m currently creating paved walkways. Textures would probably be better suited for that.