How fuse these geometries into one Mesh/SubD?

Here the problem. I have these 4 shapes that needed to be fused into one. Its similar to Metaball 3D using Cocoon but the original shapes are not spheres so Metaball cannot be applied. I think it’s like ‘fuse SubD’ but I cannot fuse more than 2 SubD.

This image may explain what I want to ask.
Can anyone help me with that?
Thanks a lot.

Just do fuse multiple times

Is there any other way ? I tried fuse them a couple of times but my computer cannot handle them.

For the fuse component you would need to convert them to quads using quadremesh first.

Probably easier here though would be to do a Boolean Union on the breps first, then quadremesh and convert to subd.

Fuse is for when you have existing quad structure on the objects you want to be preserved after joining them, but since you are starting from Breps, that doesn’t apply here.


Brilliant ! Thanks for your help