How does one turn off snap to surface?

Is there a toggle option for snap to surface, wish it was in with the osnaps.

I am tracing over photos at the moment and forever having to select the offered option not the surface where it offers surface or a curve.
Or it can be when I am above a surface .


put the pictures on a separte layer and look that layer ?
in the preferences (modelling aids ?) there should be an option wether to not snap (default i think) or snap to locked items…
sorry - i do not have a v5 windows version running …

Hi Tom_P
that will do it but it also snaps to surfaces when I am above them performingg drawing etc, and I dont want my objects on different layers from where they should be so as to lock them, if I lock their existing layer I forget and a while later having moved things about, they are not where they now should be. Thats a bad one.

I would be far happier to just deny snap to surface as an osnap.


this is the rh5 (=V5 - your question ?) topic about osnaps

do you mean you don t want an end/mid/ … point is snapped on the surface ?

you already asked a similar question here:


did you ever set up the unlock all layers you asked here:


Rhino doesn’t actually snap to surfaces when you are drawing, right? It might snap to near, etc, but the real problem I think you are describing is that when you want to edit a drawing, you are constantly asked if you want to pick the surface or the point/line/whatever. If that’s the case, then the solution is to put it on a sublayer and lock it. You should not misplace a sublayer, right?

Another solution is to use selection filters, but I don’t think those existed in V5.