How does one place many instances of a block?


I have created a sphere as a block and now need to Insert it many times, one instance per point, and I have many points !

I enter Insert and choose the block name, place it on a point, then all is gone, no ability to place another ,and another.

I type Insert and get the chance of placing one, but not many.

Surely there is a way, like right click on point command, to keep placing instances of the block ?

To have to type Insert each and every time, or even hit enter to get a chance to place another, is impractical, I will be here ages doing that.


(Wim Dekeyser) #2

Once it’s a block you can simply copy it.



Didnt like to consider that because the copy command is the cause of duplication slowing things up, but as its dealing with a block you say its ok, so I can go with that now.

Many Thanks



Or array it, normal, polar, along curve on surface etc.

(Willem Derks) #5

Hi Steve,

Unrelated to the blocks issue, but related to copying things to points:
I have a button to do just that:

  • Select points to copy to
  • get object(s) to copy to the points
  • Select a reference point to be copied from.

The script on the button is this:

! _NoEcho _-Runscript (

Sub main
if isnull(Pts) then Pts=rhino.getobjects("Points ?",1)
obs=rhino.getobjects("Objects ?")
rp=rhino.getpoint("Reference point ?")
rhino.enableredraw vbfalse
for each pt in Pts
  if rhino.ispoint(pt) then
    rhino.selectobjects obs
    rhino.copyobjects obs,rp,xyz
End If
rhino.enableredraw vbtrue
end sub



You need to paste the code into a button like so: