How do you turn off camera that is visible in viewport


I accidentally turned on a setting that is showing my top view camera in other viewports. I’ve tried using the camera command, but it says that the camera visibility is off. If I choose show camera, it adds another camera.

I’ve created a new document and the camera is visible in that one, too. So it seems it might be a global setting?

Any help appreciated.


Hi Paul - F6 key should toggle the camera by default.

Ooops - mac… I’m not sure then off hand. Try it or use the Camera command > Toggle.

Did you manage to find a solution? I’m having exactly the same problem.


On the Mac it’s fnF6 to turn on or off the camera object.

thanks for your response

I’ve tried this but no luck. I’m unable to even select it.

You’re probably in the wrong viewport.
If you turn the Camera on in the Perspective viewport, the camers frustum is displayed in the other three viewports.

Go into the viewport that is NOT showing the camer frustum and try turning it off there.

Any luck?

Yes I’ve tried in all viewports.
I can see the camera in all four viewports…normally you can’t see the camera in the view you open it in. So the camera does not give me a visual. I also can’t adjust it, move or select it.
I’ve also tried exporting my model and opening it in a new document but the camera appears in the new document.
Thanks for trying to help

How about posting a screenshot of what you’re seeing…

I wonder if what you’re calling “the camera”, is really the “safe frame” tools.

is this a safe frame?

No, this is a camera. But it’s not the “Right” camera because you can see it in the “Right” viewport.

  1. Can you check if you have something in the “Named Views” inspector panel? (The camera icon in your bottom right panel)

  2. Or maybe it’s a Detail View in “Layouts…” ? (Top right of your perspective viewport)

Nope nothing in named views or a detail view.

Thanks for all your suggustions though

Can you post that 3dm file?