How do you set a keyboard shorcut for 0,0,0?

Sorry I’m pretty new! I was using Matrix for jewelry design on a PC all of these years and just switched to Mac so I’m going to straight Rhino without Matrix. There are a few commands in Matrix that I relied on that aren’t part of Rhino so I’m trying to figure out comparable workflows in Rhino. Here’s two more I haven’t figured out yet…

In Matrix F4 is a shortcut for center of the universe. So for example if I were to start the mirror command I could hit F4 and then it would select 0,0,0 as the mirror point. I know I can hit 0 ENTER but I’m trying to set 1 as a keyboard shortcut to function like F4 rather than hitting 0 and Enter.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

This may be what you’re looking for:

Hi Nicholas - the little macro to use in the shortcut is just what you’d type:

0 Enter


Hey John thanks for the quick response! I’ve read through that and I have created a command called “center of the universe” to program this shortcut but apparently the script I’m putting in to do this is the issue…

What would the proper script be for 0 ENTER

Pascal -

I tried entering “O ENTER” in the Script Box for the command as shown in this screenshot and I get the same error:

“The first word in your script ‘0’ must be a valid Rhinoceros command.”

Isn’t that where I’m supposed to input the Macro for this to work?

That is 0=zero, right? not O = Oh.
I’ll test…


Pascal -

Yep it’s a zero. I just double checked. Thanks!

Well, there’s definitely a bug in here. Logged in RH-42328.