How do you generate Hours and Minutes for a Radiance CIE sky

I am trying to create renders using the Radiance Honeybee image.based.simulation. I am able to create them for a series of months, days and hours. However I would like to be able to input into the Gen.Standard.CIESky an hour and minute in the Radiance format e.g. 14:05

The idea is to create a render of a shading system for every 5 minutes of the day for a 3 hour period. The desire to use Radiance rather than another renderer is so I can keep the analysis and image create all through Radiance.

I tried to concatenate an hour with : and a minute, e.g. 14:05 However that is a text string and the Gen.Standard.CIESky requires a float value.

I tried to convert the string into float but the : (colon) was not acceptable. I then converted the : (Colon) to a decimal point but 14.05 is not 5 past 2.

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Hi Andrew, please see the dedicated LB|HB forum for these questions:

Thank You